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What are the different connection statuses?

Within the application, your banking institution can have different synchronization statuses:
  • No status: this happens when your institution is synchronized and your data is up to date within a 24-72 hour window.
  • Synchronization: your data is being synchronized. It should not take more than 24 hours. If this is the case, you can report the problem in the following way: click on the Edit button and then on the Report a problem button. You can describe the problem, and you will be contacted by our support team.
  • Verification Required: This happens when it is necessary for you to enter identity verification information (security code or answer to a question) so that your banking institution can be synchronized.
  • Failure: there has been a failure to synchronize with your banking institution. The connection will be attempted again during the night. It is also possible to do this manually by clicking ONCE on the institution in question. Make sure you stay close to your phone! The status "verification required" (see above) should appear and you will have to fill in some security information.